Tube Bending Equipment and Capabilities

SF Tube is equipped with state of the art tube bending equipment. Below is a list of equipment and capabilities.

Semi-Automatic Benders

Quantity (2) machines with 1.5” tube diameter capacity.

Quantity (7) machines with 3” tube diameter capacity.

Quantity (3) machines with 6” tube diameter capacity.

Quantity (1) machine with 6” PIPE capacity

CNC Automatic Machines

Quantity (3) machines with .75” capacity

Quantity (2) machines with 1” capacity

Quantity (2) machines with 1.5” capacity

Quantity (1) machine with 3” capacity

*All CNC benders are networked and connected to a Laser Inspection System. 

*SF Tube, Inc. also has hot bending capabilities.

Coiling and Rolling

SF Tube has coiling capabilities up to 1.5” outside diameter tubing. Our rolling capabilities are up to 5” pipe.

End Finishing and Forming

Capabilities include squaring, flaring, beading, expanding and swagging.

Vector Data Center

SF Tube utilizes the most advanced optical tube measuring equipment. The Vector interfaces with our CNC tube benders to produce a highly advanced inspection and correction system. This equipment allows us to provide superior accuracy to our customers.