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CNC/NC Tube Bending

SF Tube is equipped with state-of-the-art tube bending equipment.

Semi-Automatic Benders

  • Quantity (2) machines — 1.5” tube diameter capacity

  • Quantity (3) machines — 3.0” tube diameter capacity

  • Quantity (3) machines — 6.0” tube diameter capacity

CNC Automatic Machines

  • Quantity (2) machines — 0.75” capacity

  • Quantity (2) machines — 1.0” capacity

  • Quantity (2) machines — 1.5” capacity

  • Quantity (1) machines — 2.0” capacity

  • Quantity (3) machines — 3.0” capacity

  • CNC benders are networked and connected to a laser inspection system

  • Hot bending capabilities

Coiling and Rolling

  • Coiling capabilities up to 1.5” outside diameter tubing

  • Rolling capabilities are up to 5.0” pipe

  • End finishing and forming

  • Capabilities include squaring, flaring, beading, expanding and swaging

Laser Dimensional Control
SF Tube utilizes the most advanced laser tube-measuring equipment and software combining Hexagon (ROMER) Arms with VTube-Step software to communicate customer CAD models seamlessly to CNC bending machines.  Laser-scanned inspection data and bend program corrections are automatically updated and communicated to work-centers ensuring dimensional control.

Ball Pull (T-Pull)

We provide a unique process that allows branching of tube assemblies with fewer weld joints, and better flow characteristics.

Benefits include:

  • A smooth internal raised transition for improved flow.

  • A stronger, full penetration butt-welded joint, versus a cope and weld configuration.

  • Elimination of internal particle entrapment at the weld joint.

  • Complete elimination of two butt-weld joints per branch location. The benefits are a more even welding surface 360 degrees and improved aesthetics.

  • Formability, standard perpendicular T-pulls can be produced in material wall thicknesses up to and including 0.250 inch, more complex angled pullouts can be accomplished to 45 degrees using unique tooling.


SF Tube, Inc. offers weldment solutions that range from simple metal joining to large, complex tube and duct assemblies requiring NDT testing. Our comprehensive staff of skilled welders and brazing system operators are up to any task your projects require. We work to customer specifications and drawings. Our metal joining process capabilities include GTAW welding, MIG welding, Orbital welding, torch brazing, and induction brazing across a variety of alloys made of carbon steels, aluminum alloys, stainless steels, nickel alloys, copper, and titanium.

Welding Process Certifications

  • AWS D17.1:2001, GTAW fusion weld process


  • Torch brazing

  • Induction brazing

Kitting and Line Sequencing

Our kitting and line sequencing capabilities provide efficiency to our customers’ assembly lines. We alleviate storage headaches and maximize workflow output by delivering ready-to-install modules on an hour-by-hour basis.

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